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The 9th NIEMEN NON STOP Young Talents Festival Słupsk, Polska Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica 1-3 Oct 2014

'I met Czesław during the Young Talents Festival in Szczecin in 1962, we were friends and we used to spend plenty of time together. Czesław, you are in heaven, I am sending you kisses with all my heart' - those were the words of Marek Karewicz - the special guest of the lest year's festival, the leading photographer of Polish jazz and rock musicians, the author of over 5 thousand photographs of Czesław Niemen.

The year 2014 began by two symbolic anniversaries: the 75th anniversary of the artist's birth and the 10th of his death. This year also brings other important anniversaries associated with the phenomenon of our patron's creations:

* the golden jubilee of his memorable performance with the Niebiesko-Czarni in Warsaw's Sala Kongresowa (1964) just before the concert of Marlena Dietrich and Burt Bacharach. After the event Marlena bought the rights to 'Czy mnie jeszcze pamiętasz' ('Do you still remember me'), which she subsequently included in her album ('Mutter, hast du mir vergeben').

* the 45th anniversary of the 'Niemen Enigmatic' LP recording in 1969, with the involvement of some top jazz musicians (namely Zbigniew Namysłowski, Michał Urbaniak, Czesław Bartkowski) and featuring music written to lyrics of chosen Polish poets (Cyprian Norwid, Adam Asnyk, Tadeusz Kubiak, Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer). The music was included in Janusz Rzeszewski documentary 'Niemen śpiewa'.

* the 40th anniversary of the 'Niemen Aerolit' LP recording in 1974, featuring music written to lyrics of Cyprian Norwid, Zbigniew Herbert and Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska

, as well as the 'Mourner's Rhapsody' LP recording in New York in 1974, which involved some outstanding jazz musicians such as John Abercrombie, Don Grolnick, Jan Hammer and Rick Laird.

Some selected pieces of the aforementioned albums will certainly appear in the programme of this year's Singing Contest scen@niemena, which has reached the highest standards of performances, as well as of the repertoire choices, over the years. Katarzyna Geartner - the legendary Polish composer and the chairman of the last year's edition of this elite Contest, was under enormous impression after hearing the young artists: 'Niemen and his music are our national treasure, it's classic. I have thought nothing could astonish me, but I am very much surprised... Bravo!'. Young artists from Stare Waliszki, where our patron was born, have announced their participation in the Contest as well.

It will also have been 15 years since Czesław Niemen was awarded the title of the 'Polish Artist of All Times' by the readers of 'Polityka' magazine in its 'End of the Century' questionnaire (1999), as well as the Mateusz Święcicki prize 'Super Mateusz' - which was granted by the editorial board of the Polish Radio Programme 3 for his service to Polish culture.

As the integral part of the 9th Niemen Non Stop Young Talents Festival we are planning exhibitions of computer graphics by Czesław Niemen and paintings by Małgorzata Niemen, screenings of films and dokumentaries 'Niemen Cinematc', a scientific session combined with a discussion panel Nota Anamnesis concerning Niemen's projects and productions abroad, conducted by Edyta and Piotr Chlebowscy, with participation of young Polish musicologists.

The novelty of this year's edition will be its programmme expansion. A competition 'What do you know about Niemen' is scheduled for 1 Oct 2014.

'His legacy is like a rock that is difficult to climb for anybody' (Jacek Marczyński, Rzeczpospolita , 17 Jan 2014)

The project is co-financed by Slupsk Town Hall

The project is co-financed by the Pomeranian Voivodeship