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International Singing Contest scen@niemena


1. The Contest is an integral part of the 10th Niemen Non Stop Young Talents Festival.

2. The Contest is open to all young students between 15-28 years of age, from Poland or abroad.

3. Participants of the Contest may be soloists or groups ? both vocal and vocal-instrumental. The Grand Prix laureates of the previous Contest editions are excluded from participation.

4. The entries must consist of compositions created by Czesław Niemen and/or pieces created by other authors but included in the Czesław Niemen repertoire.

5. Each participant must submit any 2 songs from the Czesław Niemen repertoire (the length of each song must not exceed 4 min.) in a language of choice. The songs will then be evaluated by the Qualifying Committee.

NOTE: Songs chosen from the Organizer's List of Recommended Works will be additionally rewarded by both the Qualifying Committee and the Jury during the Contest.

6. In the additional OPEN category the contestants are provided with an opportunity to present original songs written by themselves, i.e. each participant may perfom one of his or her own creations in a language of choice (songs by more than one author are also permitted).

7. The submitted songs must be recorded in MP3 format. The entries must include a completed entry form with recorded songs, clearly described (with song titles and authors). The soloists must additionally submit the songs' sheet music (keyboard instruments, bass guitar, drums). The cut-off date for entry submission is 10 November 2015 . Sending your entries electronically - via our entry form available on website - is one of the requirements of taking part in the Contest.

8. The Qualifying Committee will select 'The Golden Ten' (both soloists and bands) to perform and compete for the prizes during the Final Concert on 27 Nowember 2015.

The participants will be notified of the Comittee decision by 15 November 2015  by phone or e-mail. There may be no appelations concerning the Comittee's decision.

9. During the Final Concert the selected participants will perform one of the submitted songs from the Czesław Niemen repertoire as well as - optionally - one song in the OPEN category (if accepted by the Qualifying Committee).

10. The participants must be accompanied by a professional instrumental band (keyboard, bass guitar, drums - supplied by the Organizer), an accompanist or they must sing with their own accompaniment. It is not allowed to perform using playback or half playback, unless the Organizers permit that. The accompanists and the bands must provide their instruments themselves, while the Organizers provide the backstage support (eg. regarding sound and lighting).

11. The performances will be evaluated by a Jury of prominent Polish musicians and music journalists. All the Jury's decisions are final and there may be no appelations concerning these decision.

12. The rehearsals are scheduled for 26 November 2015 in Młodzieżowe Centrum Kultury in Słupsk (soloists with our professional instrumental band) and for 27 November 2015 in Polska Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica (both soloists and groups).

13. The organizers do not provide transportation or accommodation for the contestants. There is a possibility to arrange for accommodation booking by the organizers.

14. The Organizers have rights to make alterations to any aspect of these Rules and Regulations. Any alterations will be listed on the official festival website

NOTE: The participants submitting their entry must accept these rules and regulations as well as the Organizer's rights to free and unlimited use of both the submitted materials and of the audio/video recordings of all the participants' performances.


GRAND PRIX 6.000 PLN ? founded by the Mayor of Słupsk

1 st prize 5.000 PLN ? prize in solo or group performers categories

2 nd prize 2 x 2.500 PLN ? prizes in solo and group performers categories

3 rd prize 2 x 1.500 PLN ? prizes in solo and group performers categories

Distinctions 4 x 750 PLN

OPEN category prize: 1000 PLN

A recording session at the Concerts and Recordings Studio named after Czesław Niemen in Koszalin ? founded by Radio Koszalin

NOTE: the number and value of prizes may vary.