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11. NIEMEN NON STOP * Słupsk, 19-21 X 2017

  In all the consecutive editions of the festival dedicated to 'the Polish artist of all times' we celebrated the most important anniversaries and events concerning the life and work of Czesław Niemen, among them the golden jubilee of his artistic debut (2012), of the first usage of his artistic alias ?Niemen? and his first composition (2013) or of his first artistic success (2015). There were also successive anniversaries of recording of his first original album ?Dziwny jest ten świat? (?Strange Is this World?) whose leading song was present whithin the festival from its very beginning (2006), as were the guitarists participating in the recording - Tomasz Jaśkiewicz and Paweł Brodowski. more

  The 11th edition of NIEMEN NON STOP will open a new chapter in the history of the festival and it will coincide with the 50th anniversary of the recording of the artist?s iconic song and of the release of the whole album ?Dziwny jest ten świat? (1967). The spectacular cultural background of the events in the world?s popular music industry at that time should be of particular interest. It is worth to remember that half a century ago, in 1967 - the ground-breaking year for the Western popculture (the year of Summer of Love, Monterey Pop Festival, the hippie movement) ? we witnessed the debuts of such great artists as: Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, The Doors or The Velvet Underground in the United States, while in Great Britain we could buy the first albums by the greatest rock artists such as: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Traffic, Ten Years After or David Bowie.

  In the spring of 1967, while The Beatles were finishing their iconic album ?Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? in Abbey Road Studio in London, and the most famous in the history of PRL concerts of The Rolling Stones were taking place in ?Kongresowa? Hall ? Czeslaw Niemen and Akwarele were recording their first original album ?Dziwny jest ten świat? (?Strange Is This World?), which in the following year was awarded with Golden Record ? the very first in the history of Polish Phonography. The album was recorded in ?Polskie Nagrania? studio with participation of Akwarele members (ex-Chochoły: M.Zimiński -org., T.Jaśkiewicz -g., P.Brodowski bg., T.Butowtt -dr.) as well as Alibabki vocal group, the jazz section of wind instruments orchestra (J.Muniak -ts., among others) and the string quartet of Teatr Wielki. Of the 12 pieces (most of them written by Niemen), the most important is ?Dziwny jest ten świat? (hence the title of the album) a real pearl in the treasury of polish entertainment music with an excellent guitar solo by Tomasz Jaśkiewicz. In spite of the fact that a half-century passed, ?Dziwny jest ten świat? like no other song from the Polish top of all time, remains through and through up-to date in its message and lyrics, relating to both Polish and the world reality.

  The programme of the 11th edition of our festival also includes a scientific session combined with a discussion panel Nota Anamnesis dedicated to the late Roman Radoszewski, as well as the festival Knowledge Competition for school youth ?What do you know about Niemen?. The main artistic event of the festival will be the Special Concert ?NIEMEN IMPROWIZACJE? by Artur Dutkiewicz trio (so-called ?Ambassador of Polish jazz?) and its finale - ?cr?me de la cr?me? - ?Dziwny jest ten świat? and Tomasz Jaśkiewicz with his famous guitar solo (21st Oct 2017, Polska Filharmonia Sinfonia Baltica).