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   During the first edition of the festival (2006) - in the premiere version of the International Singing Contest scen@niemena,17-year-old Tomek Ziętek with his band won the Audience Award for their performance of ?Dziwny jest ten świat?. The award was presented by Malgorzata Niemen, while at the festival stage Tomasz Jaśkiewicz recreated his famous guitar solo. We could listen to ?Dziwny jest ten świat? again during the finale of the special concert ?Wspomnienie? (?Remembrance?) by Marek Bałata. The interpretation of the Niemen song by the authentic Persian from Cologne by Niki Azimdousta - the Golden Ten finalist in 2011 especially stood out among others. The expressive performance by Daria Zawialov of the winner of the 2013 Grand Prix was also very memorable.

   ?Dziwny jest ten świat? was also featured in programmes of many special concerts in subsequent editions of the festival, such as the show titled ?NIEMEN? with Artur Dutkiewicz and Kielecki Teatr Tańca (Dance Theatre of Kielce), ?Wiem, że nie wrócisz? (?I Know You?re Not Coming Back?) concert by Soyka Kwintet+ (2010), ?Dziwny jest...? (?Strange Is...?) concert by Grażyna Łobaszewska & Ajagore (2011); ?Niemen mniej znany? (?The Less-Known Niemen?) by Natalia Niemen (2013) or concert by Armenian-born Hasmik Sirojan from Ukraine (2014).

   The most famous piece created by Niemen was also the subject of analysis during the scientific session combined with a discussion panel Nota Anamnesis in 2013.